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the perks of being a beauty blogger

just your typical beauty blog... hair, makeup, skincare, DIY, reviews, hauls, and all other things beauty. all products have been bought with my own money or given to me as gifts - no sponsored reviews here. (i don't get those kinds of perks... yet.)
Aug 25 '12

On the subject of eyebrows:

I hate having really dark eyebrows (mine are almost black, despite the fact that my natural hair color is like, a medium/light brown) because I can’t very easily participate in this brightly-colored brows trend :( And I really want to! The other day I was watching one of Leesha’s (xsparkage on Youtube) newest videos and she matched her brows to her new pink hair, and it looked SO. GOOD. If I tried to do that… it wouldn’t end well. I’d use like, an entire pan of eyeshadow covering my brows. Hash tag “brunette problems?”